The number of locations that can be shown on the map at one time is limited; zoom in on any area to see records for localized regions.
Click on the ‘Filter’ label to display active categories (by default all categories are shown); you can choose to view or hide categories by checking/unchecking them from the list.

Click on the marker or the image in the list to display the 'read more' link, which will show more detail and a local map, or click the 'full screen' icon in the list view to see the image full screen. Click the icon again to return to the map view.

A ‘full screen’ toggle is available at top right of the map; you can also click the right arrow to hide the right hand menu list. Clicking on a marker in either of these full screen views will open the menulist at the appropriate record. Click the ‘read more’ link for full details and larger images, plus a detailed map with the otion for displaying directions from your location.

Use the search field for city, village etc., or any other text; all entries have information in the form [era]; [chanter type]; [drone count]; [piper type]. To filter using this information enter text such as 15th (for era);"double  chanter" for chanters; "one drone" for drones; 'angel' for player type (options are currently human, pig, angel, ape, bear'). PLEAS NOTE: the SEARCH operates on the visible area of the map. To search the entire collection you need to zoom out till the entire country is visible