This project is dedicated to the memory of Dr Roderick D Cannon, whose researches into bagpiping in the UK changed the way we look at the history of bagpiping on both sides of the English and Scottish border.

Roddy was greatly respected in highland Scottish piping circles for his meticulous historical research, especially in the field of Piobaireachd and was an active member of both The Piobaireachd Society and The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society who spearheaded the revival of the Scottish bellows pipes.

In the early 1970's he began publishing his researches into piping south of the border, work which played such a formative role in the current revival and re-emergence of the English bagpipe and to the formation of The Bagpipe Society. Without his tireless work the lives of many others would be very different today.

He was much more than just a dedicated historian and researcher, however. He was enthusiastic about all things bagpipe-related. Modest about his achievements, genial, a friend to many, encouraged and helped others in their projects, he was also a respected academic in his field and a loving family man.

Throughout his life he quietly dispelled all sorts of bagpiping myths and misconceptions by simply stating what we actually know from surviving records. The images on this map are facts;  had Roddy lived, we like to think he would have been an enthusiastic supporter of this project's goal of adding to and collating such facts; how we choose to interpret these facts is up to us...