Saughtree Cottage, Ceres, Fife

Saughton cottage, ceres, fife

15th century ?; single chanter; one drone; human piper


Pete Stewart writes:

"This carving (photo courtesy of the late Martin Lowe) is something of a mystery. John Dalzell published a drawing of a carcing he sadi was at Melrose Abbey, but it was no longer there (if it ever had been) by 1901. The carving at Ceres is equally mysterious,; a copy can be seen in the museum there, but various records are confused about who carved it and when. It is however, so  nearly identical tp the one Dalzell drew and displays so many early characteristics that i have dated it as if Dalzell was right and hthat it began life at Melrose.

For a fuller discussion of the mystery, see my article in Common Stock (journal of The Lowland nad Border Pipers' Society) for June 2011"

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