Welcome to The Bagpipe Map, the unique and growing collection of representations of bagpipes and bagpipers.


Here you will find a map of all the currently known depictions of bagpipes to be seen in publicly accessible buildings in Britain.# If you’ve arrived at this page it’s probably because you’re interested in bagpipes, or in visiting old buildings, or in searching out carvings in churches and castles and the like. Or perhaps you’re simply surprised to find that such a map is possible; bagpipes in Suffolk? Cornwall? Shropshire? Norfolk? Surely not….

 This map is an ongoing project which relies for its growth on a community of contributors. If you know of, or happen to encounter on your travels, a carving or painting of a piper that is not yet included here then you are welcome to join this community and make a contribution: See the ‘Help Build the Map’ page for details.

 We have included a category of ‘unconfirmed’ entries; these are either’ rumours’ of as yet unseen (“there’s said to be one at…”) or recorded pipers that have so far no suitable photo to identify them. You are encouraged to submit images or add further details to what we know. When you’re next out and about, check the ‘unconfirmed’ filter and focus the map on where you are to see if you can help upgrade any of them! There’s a link on the ‘Help Build the Map’ page.


#One day perhaps it will expand to include Europe and beyond – who knows?