Just published three pipers from Christchurch Priory, bringin the current totl to 170; there are still some awaiting uploading...

There is now a separate category for stained glass; I have edited the two records that currently exist; please use this category for future windows etc.

There are now 85 pipers on the map, and I have another 10 or so lined up; the Facebook page is currently showing 95 likes; hopefully both total will reach 100 at the same time...

Three pipers in Christchurch Priory; Christchurch Priory 1, double chanter

Two pipers in Llaneilianan, Anglesey; St Eilian’s Church, Llaneilian 1; double chanter

and one piper in Launceston, Cornwall; St Mary Magdalene, Launceston

The Facebook page has now been visited on 503 occasion, and has been liked 87 times.

The latest piper to be added is Westminster Abbey's misericord bear, the 65th entry on the map.

A progress report

245 people have visited the FaceBook page since it was created on March 3rd, six days ago.

There are now 54 pipers on the map, and I have a folder full of new ones to add. Keep them coming!

Thanks to Terry Moylan for the piper at Barmeath Castle; now to try and find out more...